Introducing Frappe HR Mobile App

Introducing Frappe HR Mobile App ✨ Employee Checkins, Leaves, Claims, Advances, Salary Slips - right at your fingertips

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I have been working on the Frappe HR Mobile App (Progressive Web App) for the past few months. It has been a refreshing change to work on this apart from the routine desk updates, and I'm excited to present it to you! My goal is to add value to employees' lives in some way 😄


The bottom tab menu helps you quickly navigate between individual dashboards.

  1. Checkin Panel: Keep track of your last checkin/checkout timestamp and checkin from the panel with just a few clicks. We will soon introduce geo-tagging and geo-fencing for employee checkins.

  2. Quick Links: Shortcuts to create/access commonly-used documents.

  3. Request Panel: The goal of this app is not just to ease your employee ops but also improve efficiency for your HR Managers. Track all the requests that need your attention on the go based on the employee's approver/workflows.



  1. Leave Balance: View leave balances for all your allocated leaves at a glance.

  2. Recent Leaves: Keeps your recent leave applications handy for quick edits and approval tracking.

  3. Upcoming Holidays: Checkout the Upcoming Holidays to plan your next vacation. This also shows you the day of the week so that you can keep an eye on the long weekends 🤫. You can click on View All button to view the complete holiday list for the year.

    Leave Dashboard

  4. Leaves List: All the list views are permission sensitive and have a clear distinction between your leaves & your team's leaves

    Leave List

  5. Request a Leave: Watch how to quickly request a leave.

Expenses & Advances

  1. Expense Claim Summary: Get a comprehensive summary of your total expenses with a breakdown of pending, approved, and rejected amounts.

  2. Recent Claims: Keeps your recent claims handy for quick edits and approval tracking.

  3. Employee Advance Balance: When employees incur expenses on behalf of their company, they either spend it from their own pocket or use prepaid advances and claim later. You can check your employee advance balances just like wallet balances here.

    Claim Dashboard

  4. Expense List: List views with comprehensive filters

  5. Claim an Expense: Claim expenses easily in 3 easy steps: Add expenses, taxes, and capture claim proofs with your device camera or add attachments and the app will take care of the rest. If you have any existing advance balances, these will be auto-allocated against your claim amount. You can always choose whether to consider the advances or not.

You can also request employee advances from the app.


  1. Year-To-Date Payout: In the Salary Slip dashboard you can see a list of salary slips and your Year-To-Date payouts filtered by payroll period.

    Salary Dashboard

  2. View & Download Salary Slips:


Notifications keep the approvers up-to-date with the documents that need their attention and employees are notified whenever their requests get reviewed. Clicking on a particular item takes you to the target document.


We will soon be adding push notification support for Frappe Cloud users.

Employee Profile

Click on your avatar to view your employee profile.

Employee Profile

Workflow Support

The app supports configured workflows for doctypes and enforces permissions based on roles. List view status respects the Don't Override Status setting in workflows

If a workflow is set, the unified request panel shows you all the documents that require workflow action from your role. If not set, then it shows all the documents where you are the approver.

Workflow Action Sheet

Form actions also respect workflow states and next actions.

Workflow Action Form

These action sheets come in handy to quickly view document info or perform approval actions without going to the actual form. Other features like pull-to-refresh and infinite scrolling in list views have been implemented for a native feel.


Like what you see? 👀 Upgrade to version-15 and install the app today! You can find the installation steps here

Live Release & Demo

If you want to see all this in action, watch the live release & demo on Build with Hussain.

Here is the link for the source-code if you are interested.

The Extras (Desk) ✨

  1. Bulk email Salary Slips
  2. Batch and commit auto-attendance processing
  3. Faster employee leave balance report
  4. Allow repost for Expense Claims
  5. Set sender for auto-emails in HR & payroll settings

Rucha Mahabal

Engineering Lead | Product Engineer at Frappe Tech. Building and maintaining open-source products.

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Rohit 2 months ago

Great job.. Any news on the promised new features .....

Vengatesan Natarajan 2 months ago

Is there a way to modify the quick links?

Manjunath Sajjan 3 months ago

Wow!!!. It's incredibly easy to install and use, making it a valuable addition to the platform.

Thank you for implementing this feature. It greatly enhances the user experience and usability of Frappe HR.

Parthiban Rey 4 months ago

Awesome ! Such a Great addition to the opensource list.

Rucha Mahabal 5 months ago

Thank you :) I have now added the link for the source code to the blog.

Joseph 5 months ago

Nice work...I'm also passionate about frappe mobile, How can someone get the source code of the app for reference?

Omar Mohammed 5 months ago

Wow, amazing addition, very excited to use it.