Updates for February 2023

Despite being the shortest month of the year, February saw some significant updates: Attendance Tool refactor, Tax Breakup on Salary Slips, and more!

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I worked on some UX enhancements in the Employee Attendance Tool and Leave Balance reports.

Employee Attendance Tool Refactor

The Employee Attendance Tool had some problems:

  1. No way to mark attendance with shift, early exit, or late entry configurations from the Attendance Tool. This made the tool unusable for companies that mark bulk attendance based on shifts.
  2. Too many colorful buttons 🌈 to mark attendance with different statuses. This increased the cognitive load.
  3. The broken Marked Attendance list made it difficult to search/parse. Different attendance statuses were denoted with different icons, which weren’t clear enough (ex: Agatha is marked as Absent in the screenshot above, but this is not evident).

The tool underwent a complete refactor to address these issues.

The form is now cleaned up with better section descriptions and labels. The status-wise buttons are replaced with a select field for setting the attendance, and a primary action to mark the attendance.

You can now select the Shift and mark employees with Late Entry and Early Exit.

The Marked Attendance Summary view is replaced with a Datatable. This reduces the cognitive load and makes it easier to search for employees individually or with a particular attendance status, powered by the inline filtering capabilities of Datatable.


The Employee selection view is replaced with a Multicheck control to make the operations smoother.

Disable Consolidated Leave Types in the Leave Balance Report

The Leave Balance report consolidated data based on leave types by default for a cleaner view with a lesser cognitive load. But if you have ever tried using the inline filters in the Datatable, you lose out on the Leave Type references for each row.

Now, an option "Consolidate Leave Type" has been added to the Leave Balance report. Users who want to view/export the data with leave-type references for each row can disable this option.


Tax Breakup on Salary Slip

Have you ever struggled with understanding how the tax amount was derived on your Salary Slip? 😅

Well, not anymore! With this feature introduced by Saurabh Palande, you can get a complete overview of your tax calculations. The Tax Breakup Section will now display your CTC, exemptions, declarations, non-taxable earnings, annual taxable amount, income tax deducted till date, and future deductions.

Provision to Disable Recurring Additional Salary

Consider a scenario where an employee has an active recurring additional salary for 3 months. But you want to stop giving out the additional salary in the third month. Since the Additional Salary record is already linked to the first two salary slips, this document cannot be cancelled.

Saurabh Palande handled this case with a provision to disable recurring additional salary.

You can find the complete changelog for February's releases here.

Stay tuned for more updates and star us on GitHub if you like what we’ve built so far!

Rucha Mahabal

Engineering Lead | Product Engineer at Frappe Tech. Building and maintaining open-source products.

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Satish Aralkar 1 year ago

Thank you Rucha and team for your efforts ! Well done 👏

Wael Ahmed 1 year ago

Thank you very much for your product ERPNext Your update on Tax breakup is very important and useful and I hope ypu more development