Updates for July 2023

July marked the addition of some important UX enhancements in holidays, leaves, attendance & payroll to make your lives easier!

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Add Local Holidays to Holiday List 🏖️

Remember the struggle of manually adding every local holiday to the holiday list? Well, not anymore! Raffael Meyer (Alyf GmbH) from the community contributed an amazing feature to add local holidays to your Holiday List in a single click. 

You can select the country and/or subdivision and pull that region's local holidays into the holiday list.

Leave Application Form Enhancements 💅

Leave Application is something we use a lot. But the form had some friction. These issues have now been addressed to make the UX better:

1. If an employee is filling up their own leave application, they have to select the employee record. This is an unnecessary step. The form now fetches the session user's linked employee automatically on load.

2. Color-coded leave balances to reduce cognitive load


3. Labeled sections 

4. Better grouping for fields:

  1. Moved less-used fields to the bottom in a collapsed section: Salary Slip, Color, LetterHead
  2. Moved the company field up, since it is fetched from Employee
  3. Follow via Email, Posting Date, and Status are meant for the approver so they are now in the Approval section


Smoother auto-attendance processing ⚙️

Earlier, If some employee was marked as Inactive, the attendance marking job used to fail and attendance was not marked for anyone due to a single record.

Now, the process is more fail-safe. If attendance marking fails for some employees, the system logs the reason in the check-in timeline and proceeds to mark attendance for the remaining employees/check-in logs


Enhanced Attendance Validation in Payroll 

This feature helps you validate the attendance of all the selected employees before running the payroll to ensure you have the correct payment days set since your salary slip formulae depend on them.

However, there were some issues with this functionality:

1. Incorrect message for completely marked attendance


2. Employees having 0 attendance records were not flagged at all. Only the ones with some missing attendance records were flagged. Here, all the employees have unmarked attendance but only 2 are shown (they have some records, others have 0).


3. Employees having the relieving date in the middle of the month were also flagged in spite of having all attendance records

4. The design and overall UX was poor

In the enhanced view, all the above cases have been handled, and it now:

1. Shows the number of unmarked days

2. Links to the Monthly Attendance Sheet, where users can check the exact days and then mark missing attendance.


In case of completely marked attendance, the misleading message has been fixed:


Apart from this, we also worked on fixing multiple issues in shifts, leaves, and payroll. You can find the history here.

Stay tuned for more updates and star us on GitHub if you like what we’ve built so far!

Rucha Mahabal

Engineering Lead | Product Engineer at Frappe Tech. Building and maintaining open-source products.

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