Configuring Earned Leave

1. Prerequisites

Before configuring Earned Leaves, it is required that you create the following first:

2. How to Configure Earned Leaves

  1. Creating a Leave Policy Assignment will result in the creation of associated Leave Allocations. These allocations will be automatically updated with leaves at intervals set by 'Earned Leave Frequency'.

    Note: The Leave Allocation Schedule table will be generated only for Leave Types with 'Monthly' Earned Leave Frequency

  2. In the event of a failure in the background jobs responsible for leave allotment, an email notification will be sent to users with the 'HR Manager' role. These users can then allocate these leaves manually via the 'Allocate Leaves Manually' button. Upon clicking this button, a dialog will open, with the 'New Leaves to be Allocated' field pre-filled with the monthly number of leaves to be allocated.

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