A Department is a specialized functional area or a division within an organization.

You can configure the Departments in your organization, set Leave Block List, and also Leave and Expense Approvers for the same.

To access Department, go to:

> Home > Human Resources > Employee > Department

Department is a tree-structured master, which means you can create parent departments and sub-departments as shown below:

Department Tree

> Note: The 'Is Group' checkbox needs to be checked if the Department is a parent department.

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Department, it is advisable you create the following documents:

2. How to create a Department

  1. Go to the Department list, click on New.

  2. Enter Department name.

  3. Select Company name.

  4. Select Leave Block List (optional) applicable for this department.

  5. Save.


3. Features

3.1 Leave and Expense Approvers

You can set Leave and Expense Approvers for a particular Department in the 'Leave Approver' and 'Expense Approver' table respectively.

Leave and Expense Approver

> Note: Multiple Leave and Expense Approvers can be set for a particular Department. However, the first Approver in the list will be set as the default Approver.

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