The Vehicle document allows you to define the different types of Vehicles in your Organization. It acts as the Vehicle Master for Fleet Management.

To access the Vehicle master, go to:

> Human Resources > Fleet Management > Vehicle

1. How to create a Vehicle document

  1. Go to Vehicle list, click on New.
  2. Enter information such as License Plate, Make (Brand) and Model.
  3. Enter Odometer value (Last).
  4. Enter other additional details such as Fuel Type ad Fuel UOM.
  5. Save.


2. Features

Apart from the aforementioned mandatory features, some additional features that can be captured in the Vehicle master are as follows:

2.1 Additional Vehicle Details

Additional Vehicle details such as Chassis No., Acquisition Date, Vehicle Value (Amount), Location, Employee managing the Vehicle and Insurance details can be captured in the Vehicle master.


2.2 Vehicle Attributes

Additionally, Vehicle attributes like Color, Wheels, Door, Last Carbon Check, Fuel Type and UOM can be saved in the Vehicle master.


  1. Vehicle Log

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