User Permission based on Hierarchy


How to configure User Permissions, so that an Employee can view his Expense Claims, and also of ones who report to him/her?


In the Employee master, for each Employee, you can define who does he/she reports to. Based on the Reports To defined, the Employee hierarchy is built as well.

Employee Hierarchy

Also, one a User is linked with the Employee, it creates a User Permission as follows. As per this User Permission, Employee will be allowed to review his/her own document created in the HR module + the document which are created for Employees reporting to hm/her.

As per this configuration, when an Expense Claim is being created by the User reporting to Kenneth, it will also be accessible to Kenneth as well.

Can you please ensure that seniors Employee ID is updated as Reports To in the Employee's who report to him/er? After that, manager should be able to view the Expense Claims and other documents (like Leave Application, Appraisal etc.) made for his/her sub-ordinates.