Human Resources Reports

1. Employee Leave Balance

Employee Leave Balance

2. Salary Register

Salary Register shows net pay and its components of employee(s) at a glance.

Monthly Salary Register

3. Monthly Attendance Sheet

Monthly Attendance Sheet shows you the employee-wise attendance status. If you assign shifts to employees, this sheet will also show you shift-wise attendance for each employee.

Monthly Attendance Sheet

If you do not want to see day-wise attendance, and get a summarized view of total absent, present, leave days, etc. you can switch to the summarized view:

Monthly Attendance Sheet

This will show you:

  • Total Present Days

  • Total Absent Days

  • Total Leave Days

  • Total Holidays

  • Total Unmarked Days

  • Number of leaves taken per leave type

  • Total Late Entries

  • Total Early Exits

You can also view the report grouped by Department, Branch, Designation, or Employee Grade.

4. Shift Attendance

> Introduced in Version 15

Shift Attendance presents and summarizes attendance details for marked shifts:

  • Attendance Details: Employee, Date, Status, In/Out Time, Total Working Hours, Time by which Entry is Late or Exit is Early

  • Shift Details: Shift Name, Shift Start/End Time, Shift Actual Start/End Time

Entries can be further filtered on the basis of:

  • Shift Type

  • Late Entry

  • Early Exit

5. Vehicle Expenses Report

To track and monitor Vehicle Expenses you can use the Vehicle Expenses report. This report gives a one-stop view of all your Vehicle Expenses month-wise.

Vehicle Log

6. Employee Exits

> Introduced in Version 14

This report gives a summary of Employee Exits:

  • Employee Details: Employee, Reports to, Date of Joining, Relieving Date, Department, Designation

  • Exit Interview

  • Interview Status (Pending/Scheduled/Completed)

  • Final Decision (Employee Retained/Exit Confirmed)

  • Full and Final Statement

This report also provides extra filters for:

  • Interview Pending

  • Questionnaire Pending

  • FnF Pending

Users can set up auto email reports on the above filters to make pending exit tracking easier.

Monthly Salary Register

7. Employee Birthday

Employee Birthday Report shows month-wise birthdays of your Employees.

Employee Birthday

8. Employee working on a holiday

Employee Holiday Attendance shows the list of Employees who attended on Holidays.

Employee Working on a Holiday

9. Bank Remittance Report

This report helps you to track bank transactions of payroll entries between companie(s) and employees. It shows the transaction between the bank accounts of the Company and the Employee with the Payment Date.

Monthly Salary Register

10. Loan Repayment Report

Loan Repayment Report allows you to keep a track of loans by showing the loan amount, interest, payable amount, and EMI. It also shows the paid and outstanding amount.

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