Job Applicant

A Job Applicant is a person who applies for a job in your Company against a particular Job Opening.

In Frappe HR, you can maintain a list of people who have applied against a particular Job Opening.

To create a Job Applicant, go to:

> Home > Human Resource > Recruitment > Job Applicant

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Job Applicant, it is advisable you create the following:

2. How to Create a Job Applicant

  1. Go to Job Applicant list, click on New.

  2. Enter Applicant Name and Email Address.

  3. Select Job Opening.

  4. Select Source (Campaign, Employee Referral, Walk In, Website Listing).

> Note: If you select the Source as Employee Referral, you will have to select the Employee name in the Source Name Field.

Job Applicant

3. Features

3.1 Linking with an Email Account

You can link Job Application with an Email account. Suppose you link Job Application with an email, the system will create a New Job Applicant against each email received on the mailbox.

  • To link Email Account with Job Applicant, go to:

> Settings > Email Account > New Email Account

  • Enter the Email Address and the password, and select 'Enable Incoming'

  • In 'Append To' select 'Job Applicant'

Email Account

3.2 Tracking Interviews

After creating Interviews, you can easily track them within the Job Applicant dashboard. This enables you to compare all the interviews conducted with the applicant and evaluate their overall performance to make an acceptance decision.


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