Organizational Chart

An organizational chart shows the organizational structure by depicting connections between different employees with their designation, image, and name. In large organizations where it's difficult to remember names, people can interact with the org chart and know the hierarchy through faces and other info.

To access Employee Grade, go to:

> Home > Human Resources > Employee > Organizational Chart

  • The org chart is created based on the "Reports To" field in Employee master.
  • The employees that don't report to anyone are shown in the first level.
  • The chart expands horizontally on the desktop view and vertically on mobile.
  • Each node has details like the Employee Name, Image, Designation, and the total number of connections.
  • The connections are the total number of descendants a particular node has till the end of the hierarchy.
  • The edit button in every node navigates to the Employee Master.
  • As you navigate through the chart, the active hierarchy is highlighted.
  • You can use the Company filter to check the org chart for individual companies.

Org Chart

Org Chart Mobile